Saturday, July 28, 2007

Just a reminder

The popular vote totals are:

Gore: 50,158,094
Bush: 49,820,518
Other: 3,835,594

Just a reminder of how we practice Democracy in this country. Great to see how every vote counts. I like to look back at those vote totals every once in a while just to remind myself...why this Administration is so disgusting to me.

Read the full story: CNN

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Those funny looking guys. I don't like 'em.

Wow. What a news day. And to top it off - a story about how several people were escorted off a plane, because they...well, they didn't do anything illegal, but they looked like foreigners. The worst kind of foreigner I guess, the ARAB (music blast here) kind. Not like those friendly, camera wielding Asians, or brightly dressed comfort-shoed Germans.

American Airlines took them off and won't sell them tickets. AND the airline defends their flight crew, appearently standing up proudly for prejudice and intolerance. I'm sure the company executives would have stood up proudly if they had buses in the south in the 1940's when drivers refused to allow 'blacks' to sit in the front. American Airlines proudly stands for all kinds of companies that want the right to discriminate. From now on, McDoanlds can refuse to serve woman. And 'minorities (well, that would be whites if you are in LA county - but never mind that) will have to be frisked each-time they enter a mall. I salute you American Airlines. Proving ocne again that this country is all about fear and prejudice- screw democracy and justice. Fly proudly and beware, I'm sure the next time a terrorist wants to attack a plane they will dress in robes and head-wraps and yes, they may even ask for a seatbelt extender.

From the story:

"The men said the arrest was degrading and a violation of their civil rights, and the event provoked outrage from several minority groups. At a news conference Tuesday morning, the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said the government must work to protect the civil liberties of every citizen.

In a statement regarding the incident, US Airways defended the flight crew.

"Our position on this matter has not changed," it said. "We continue to back the actions of our crew and ground employees."

Read the full story: WASHINGTON (Reuters) via CNN Online

Friday, February 2, 2007

In wars, guns are fired

From the AP:

"However, the loss of four helicopters since Jan. 20 has raised new questions about whether Iraqi insurgents are using more sophisticated weapons or whether U.S. tactics need changing.

Three of the latest crashes involved Army helicopters — two Apaches and one Black Hawk. The fourth was an OH-6A observation helicopter operated by the Blackwater USA security firm. All were believed shot down, and 20 Americans, including four civilian, died in the crashes."

-- Always amazes me that the military acts absolutely amazed that a helicopter was shot down. It's a WAR. Or is it that they are so sure of their military superiority that they forget that the 'other guys' have guns too. And I love the line "whether U.S. tactics need changing" The obvious answer is yes, we should leave it the hell alone over there. Prop up a Govt and get the hell out. What other tactics might the US consider changing?

1. When helicopters go down, just explain them as 'lost' Perhaps a Bermuda triangle like anomaly. Or like that second sock in the dryer. More 'gone missing' then shot down.

2. Don't fly the helicopters all over the damn place when people are shooting at you.

3. Don't start a war and expect that the people whose country you invaded and have pretty much tunred into rubble will not shoot at your helicopters.

More goodness:

"Iraqi insurgents have used heavy machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and shouldered-fired SA-7 anti-aircraft missiles throughout the Iraq conflict. U.S. officials believe Iran is supplying Shiite militias with new weapons including more powerful roadside bombs, Katysuha rockets and a newer class of rocket-propelled grenades.

Some of those weapons could have found their way into the hands of Sunni insurgents, who operate around Taji."

They will do anything to get Iran involved. I'm surprised the US hasn't made public a MySpace page where Iran claims responsibility for everyting wrong in Iraq. What's odd is, the Sunni insurgents are the ones killing the Iranians and if the Irianan aligned troops had Iranian weapons the only way the Sunnis would have gotten them would have been to kill the Iranian backed troops which is exactly what General George W. Bush has said American troops are now free to do.

If the enemy you kill is the enemy of your enemy, does that make them your mother-in-law? Great thing about regional conflicts in that part of the world, so frickin' complicated. It's like we should have expected our President to have been awake in those International History classes at Yale.

Read the full story: BASSEM MROUE, Associated Press Writer Via YAHOO